Interesting fact about the 2014 Hugo Awards

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the nominees for the 2014 Hugo Awards have been announced.  By tradition, the Hugo nominees are announced on Easter Sunday, a tradition that is itself a source of controversy.  Those people who have at least a supporting membership in this year’s Worldcon will vote on their favorite nominees over the next few months, and the winners will be announced at the Hugo Ceremony during Worldcon.

The 2014 Worldcon will be held in London, but a supporting membership doesn’t allow you to attend, just to vote on the Hugo Awards and do some other things.  Traditionally, Worldcons have offered what’s called a “Hugo Packet” which consists of all, or nearly all, of the works up for consideration for Hugos.  These works are provided, not by the Worldcon, but by the publishers, who are doing their level best to make it easy for people to decide to give their Hugo vote to their works because the Hugo award is the most prestigious in science fiction.

The thing is, due to a quirk in the rules, Robert Jordan’s entire “Wheel of Time” series is eligible in the best novel category, and it has been nominated.  That series consists of 15 or so books, and the publisher (Tor) has made it, that is the entire series, available for the Hugo Packet.

Now, a supporting membership in Worldcon is often considered worth it just for the Hugo packet.  For a small cost (typically $40) you get a cross-section of the best SF has to offer, which has a cover price well beyond the cost of the membership.  This year, the Hugo Packet has perhaps doubled its normal value.  They’re in electronic form, and you don’t get the dramatic presentations, but many people prefer electronic to paper.

Just something to think about.  

Oh, and if you happen to need the link to Loncon.  You can buy your membership here:


So waddya wanna do in August? A message from the Big Kahuna

Aloha from the Big Kahuna!

When we started ARGH, we decided that we wouldn’t do something every month.  We thought that every other month would be sufficient, starting with Jules Verne’s birthday in February and a Joke-A-Round in April and….  Well, actually, we didn’t plan past that because we didn’t want to.  Later, we decided on an Ice Cream Social in June.  At ApolloCon, in fact, on Saturday afternoon.  The ApolloCon meeting will also be a formal membership drive with details to be named later as soon as they’re hammered out.

By the way, and In case you were wondering, although sparsely attended, all who were at the Joke-A-Round had a good time.  Clif’s puns were especially notable, if only because they were all directed at me.

So, we’ve (sort of) established a tradition of deciding what to do for a given month in time to announce it at the event immediately before.  Since the next event is June, that means we’re trying to figure out what to do for August.

So, what are we going to do for August?  I’d like to hear some of your suggestions.  It would also be kind of fun to know where we should do this whatever it is, beyond “Somewhere near Houston,” I mean.  I hope we get some good suggestions because otherwise we’re stuck doing what I think we should do and, well, you know how it is.

So, get your thinking caps working!

This is the Big Kahuna signing out.